Philadelphia Couple Hits €120 Million Powerball Jackpot

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A Pennsylvania couple who played Powerball for the better of 40 years, finally hit the jackpot last month to win of (€119 million) $120 million Powerball jackpot. Their persistence has paid off. Big time.

The couple who are yet to reveal their identities have matched all 5 numbers and the Powerball in the December 17 Powerball number. The pay-out for that feat, of which the odds are estimated to be more than 292,000,000:1 — was (€120 million) $121.6 million Powerball jackpot. The couple opted for a lump sum payment, which, after state taxes, saw the husband and wife receive $72.1 million (€71 million).

Time’s running out: 2 unclaimed Powerball tickets

“I went to the machine and scanned my ticket, and all these numbers came up,” said the joyous husband in a press release. “I have never seen that many zeroes in my life! Once reality set in, my first reaction was to cry.”

The couple claimed to playing Powerball and Mega Millions since 1975, particularly when the jackpots are very high.

They purchased their winning ticket from a convenience store.  They plan to spend their newly found windfall on an RV, donations to schools and charities, and maybe a sports car.

“Winning is not going to change me,” said the woman. “I told him I don’t want us to be different because of the money.”

The winning numbers — which the husband claimed he’d been playing ever since they were drawn up on a Quick Pick ticket some years ago, and he liked them – were 01-08-16-40-48 with a Powerball of 10.

Try your luck on the next €143 million Powerball draw and become a millionaire just like this couple. The next Powerball  jackpot will take place on Sunday at 4am CET.

We wish you the best of luck! 😀

Powerball News – €76 million For Upcoming Thursday Draw


There was no Powerball jackpot winner of the $70 million (€67.3 million) drawing held on New Year’s Day, Sunday, January 1st.
That means the drawing on Thursday, January 5th will be worth $80 million (€76 million) up for grabs. Sunday’s winning numbers were (white): 1-3-28-57-67 and Red Powerball Power Number: 9

Powerball Winners for January first

There were no grand-prize winners last Sunday and no players matched all five white numbers. Six players won $200 (€192) in the drawing.
Players must select five white numbers from (1 to 69) and one red ball (1 to 26) Tickets at EuroLotto cost as little as €3.50 each. Powerball draws on Thursdays and Sundays at 4am. The odds of winning the jackpot with a $2 ticket are 1 in 292,201,338.

MegaMillions news
The next Mega Millions drawing is Wednesday, January 4th, with an estimated jackpot of $105 million (€100 million). MegaMillions draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3a.m.

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Thursday morning’s draw s fast approaching and the grand prize stands at €76 million. There is bound to be a winner so make sure that you get a couple of winning tickets by clicking here.

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Powerball News – What’s on for the upcoming January 1st Draw?

Imagine winning the Powerball Jackpot! Powerball newws

Powerball news – there was no jackpot winner of the $60 million (€57 million) drawing held on Thursday, December 29th. That means the drawing on Sunday, January first will be worth $70 million (€67 million) The numbers (white) for December 30th were: 16-23-30-44-58 with the Red Power Number: 4

Powerball News – Winners for December 29th

While there was no jackpot winner, one ticket holder matched all five white numbers drawn to win $1 million (€890,000). Te player, who purchased his ticket from the state of Florida, in the US also played the Power Play option (Only available in some US States) which increased their winnings to $2 million (€1.9 million)

Overall, there were 455,020 winners in the drawing who won at least €3 each. Eight players won $500 (€490) in the drawing.

Play the US Powerball

Play this weekend’s €67 million jackpot here at EuroLotto. Either puck your lucky numbers or use our lucky picker.

Winning Powerball Numbers for Sunday December 25

PowerballThe US Powerball jackpot was recently scooped up, so Sunday’s drawing was worth an estimated $50 million (€47 million) Wouldn’t that make a Merry Christmas?

The jackpot had climbed to $421 million (€400 million), one of the highest jackpot prizes since the $1.6 billion (€1.2 billion) drawing in January, when it was won by a group of construction workers in Tennessee, US.

Sunday’s cash pay-out was $30.9 million (€29.5 million). The US Powerball drawings are held every Thursday and Sunday at 3.59 am CET.
The winning numbers for Sunday, Dec. 25, are: 28, 38, 42, 51, 52 and the Powerball of 21.

Each ticket costs €3.50 and you can get tickets by clicking here.

The game is won by matching all 5 white balls in any order and the red Powerball number. Sunday night’s jackpot is tiny when compared with that of last January’s record Powerball jackpot, which was worth nearly $1.6 billion (€1.2 billion). But players from all over the world will still drop by at EuroLotto with dreams of winning big. The billion-Euro-plus prize won in the January 13, 2016, drawing was the largest lotto jackpot awarded in U.S. history and was shared among three winners. In the summer of 2016, a player won a $478 million (€457 million), prize.

Play the $57 million Jackpot

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Ticket From Spain Scoops €29.3 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

EuroMillions Superdraw Dream BigThe draw for EuroMillions on Friday 2nd of December was scooped up by one lucky ticket holder from Spain. The jackpot was worth €29.3 million. The ticket matched all 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars to claim victory and become the 3rd winner in three consecutive draws following  the success of two players from France who shared a prize pool of €61.1 million on Friday 25th November.

EuroMillions Tickets

The winning numbers for last Friday’s EuroMillions draw were 6, 11, 23, 31 and 32, with 2 and 12 as the Lucky Stars. More joy ensued when two players, one from Spain and one Portugal, each won a prize of €565,854 when they matched five winning numbers and 1 Lucky Star number in what proved to be a lucrative haul. There were also four winners of the Match 5 prize, with two players from France and ticket holders from the UK and Portugal each claimed a sum of €65,896.

Spain’s latest victory allowed for the game’s 2nd biggest nation to shorten the gap at the top of the EuroMillions jackpot winners table. France still leads the way with 83 jackpot winners, but Spain has since clawed its way back into the leader-board and with a total of 79 winners since the game began in 2004.

Two players from the United Kingdom ended the night with celebrations when their tickets correctly matched one of two winning Millionaire Maker codes. The Winners scooped up a sum of £1 million (€1.2million) each. Both winners are yet to come forward to claim their prize, with participating being players encouraged to double check their tickets. The winning codes were VBHQ70012 and MBHQ82548.

Following Friday’s jackpot success, the collective attention of the continent’s EuroMillions players turned to tTuesday night’s draw. The top prize was a guaranteed €17 million but there were no top prize winners on the night. The jackpot resulted in a rollover and the jackpot has once again swelled to €29 million.

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The EuroMillions jackpot now sits at €29 million and could potentially make someone extremely rich on this special season. Pick a set of lucky numbers and play to win. Best of luck!


Powerball News – One Lucky Ticket Claims the €379 Million Jackpot


One lucky lottery player from the US, has won a €379,000,000 Powerball jackpot, the American Lottery Association announced late on Sunday.

The winning ticket was sold in Nashville, Tennessee, US. The lucky winner matched all 6 Powerball numbers drawn on Sunday, the local Lottery said in a press release.

The winning numbers were: 17-19-21-37-44; Powerball, 16. Another winning ticket matched five numbers and the Powerball number to win worth €1.7 million, the ticket was sold in North Carolina for Sunday’s game. Two other players in the US matched five numbers and won €870, 000,000 each.

The grand-prize winner is yet to come forward to claim their winnings, which is the 9th largest Powerball prize and 12th among all U.S. lottery prizes. The Tennessee Lottery in the United States advises the owner of the winning ticket to sign on the back of it and keep it safe from wear and tear in a secure location.

The lucky winner has 180 days or about 6 months from the date of the drawing, which in this case was Sunday 27th of November, to claim the jackpot and decide whether to take their big haul in one lump sum or in thirty annual payments that increase in payment over time or which is always substantially less but will be more than the €379 million calculated for what was expected to be a €355 million prize but the jackpot prize pool increased higher-than-expected with more ticket sales.

The first was a €1.4 billion jackpot that was shared among 3 ticket holders earlier in January this year. when ticket owners received approximately received €520.8 million share of the largest lottery jackpot in US history.

Play Thursday’s Powerball Draw

The Powerball jackpot has now reset back to €38,000,000, tickets are out and players are lining to get their hands on a few.
Pick your winning numbers and go for the win.

Best of luck!

Powerball News – Sunday’s Jackpot Now At €379 Million


There was no winning ticket last Thursday’s Powerball jackpot as there was no top prize winner yet, pushing the jackpot up to €379 million, one of the biggest in Powerball’s history.

The next drawing will be held on Sunday at 4AM CET after no tickets matched all numbers – The winning number for Thursday were: 07-32-41-47-61 and Powerball 03.

The €379 million jackpot haul is the ninth biggest-ever Powerball jackpot and the thirteenth largest prize in U.S. history. The prize will keep increasing as more tickets are bought for Sunday’s draw.

The top prize has been rolling since September 17 when an unidentified ticket holder matched all five numbers and the Powerball number.

Powerball is an all-time favourite at EuroLotto. Players can either buy €3.50 tickets using their own lucky numbers or have them randomly generated EuroLotto’s random lucky picker.

If a single winner claims the jackpot on Sunday’s drawing, they would receive at least €379 million.

The largest ever jackpot haul was of €1.4 billion and it was split among three winning tickets- back in January.

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With Christmas season fast approaching, imagine what it would mean to win €379 million! Wouldn’t that be the best Christmas present anyone could ask for? Colossal jackpots like these come too far and between to miss out on such an opportunity. We say pick your lucky numbers, cross your fingers and go for a life changing win!

Powerball jackpot Swells to €340 Million + Single Ticket Wins MegaMillions Jackpot Last Weekend.

Powerball winnerSunday’s Powerball drawing did not produce a grand prize winner, increasing the jackpot to €339 Million for Thursday morning’s draw.

Sunday’s numbers are 16-24-28-43-61 Powerball 21

There was no winner of the Powerball‘s jackpot drawing held on Sunday, Nov. 20. (4am CET) which means the drawing on Thursday, Nov. 24 will be one million short of €339,000,000 million.

The Powerball Numbers (main) for Nov. 20 were: 16-24-28-43-61

The Red Power Number: 21

One player matched all 5 main balls drawn to win 1 million.

Overall, 1,182,508 players won in the drawing €3 each.

Powerball remains one of the most popular jackpots around the world, Players select five (main) white numbers from 1 to 69 and one red ball 1 to 26. You can buy your tickets at EuroLotto for as little as €3.50.

No Winners On Powerball – Big Winner On MegaMillions

One winning ticket matched all 6 MegaMillions numbers drawn on Saturday morning.

The five white balls drawn were 31, 32, 49, 55 and 58, plus the gold Mega Ball 15. The lucky ticket is worth €78 million and just made someone instantly rich!

The jackpot has been rolling over since last October’s jackpot win. More than 10.6 million winning tickets have been sold at all reward levels, including nine tickets worth €1 million or more.

It marks the eighth MegaMillions jackpot won this year, following earlier wins on Jan. 8, March 8, July 8, July 19, July 22, Sept. 16 and Oct. 11

The jackpot resets to €14 million for the next drawing on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

EuroMillions Rises to €49 Million This Tuesday.

Euromillions winner

Tuesday night draw will be a whopping €49 million jackpot for EuroMIllions lottery players to scoop up on 25th October, and that is because Friday’s draw produced no top prize winners. Not one ticket has matched all seven required winning numbers this weekend. The winning numbers drawn on Friday, October 21st  were main numbers 9, 20,  23,  44, 48 and the Lucky Star numbers 8 and 10.

Although nobody managed to win the top prize last Friday, over  2.1 million players grabbed cash rewards. 3 players came very close to win the jackpot. The tickets matched 5 main numbers and 1 Lucky Star to win €408,989 each. One ticket was purchased in Spain and other two were purchased in France.

10 players matched 5 main numbers to scoop €28,577 each. Another 36 players winning €3,882 each for matching 4 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars. Other cash rewards won started from €4.30 for matching 2 main numbers up to  €176.20 for matching 4 main numbers and 1 Lucky Star.

Play EuroMillions

The jackpot has been rolling since it was last won at €166 million in Belgium on October 11. To play Euromillions, you need to select five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Stars from 1 to 11. There are 13 prize tiers in each Euromillions draw. The jackpot starts with a minimum of €15,000,000. The Euromillions drawing takes place every Tuesday and Friday in Paris. The odds of winning the jackpot with are 1 in 116,531,800.

US Powerball Update

Sunday’s US Powerball drawing resulted in no top prize winner, increasing the jackpot to €151 million for Thursday.

Sunday’s numbers are 1, 28, 33, 55, 56 PB number 22.

The Mega Millions jackpot is €28 million after no one matched all the numbers from Saturday’s drawing. Those drawing numbers were: 12, 43, 44, 48, 66 Mega Ball number 3.


The US Powerball Top Prize Continues its Rollover To €137 Million.

Powerball money

As the US Powerball top prize continues its rollover into triple digits after last month’s win, Sunday’s drawing is estimated at €137,000,000.
The US Powerball drawings are held every Thursday and Sunday at 4am CET.

A $220.7 million jackpot was scooped up on September 17 by a ticket purchased a ticket at a store in Brookhaven, California. US.
Thursday 20th October’s winning numbers were: 10, 16, 38, 43, 63 and the Powerball was 23.

The US Powerball game is won when all five white balls are matched in any order + the red PB number.
Sunday night’s jackpot is a huge €137 million yet is considered small when compared with last January’s record jackpot prize, which was worth nearly €1.4 billion. But it’s large enough to make any lotto lovers drop by EuroLotto with dreams of big cash.

The €1.4 billion- jackpot won on the January 13th draw and was the biggest lottery jackpot claimed in U.S. history – the top prize was split among three winners. And earlier this summer, a single ticket holder from the US won a €439 million prize.

Powerball: Playing Tips

Someone has to win Sunday’s draw, right? Experts say that you have a better chance of winning the top prize if you let the computer choose your winning numbers.About 75%  of winning numbers are selected when the numbers are chosen by the selector.  EuroLotto offers a “Lucky pick” feature, simple visit out Powerball page, click on the “Lucky Pick” cursor and watch as a random line is generated.