EuroLotto’s Empire Fortune Slot Review

Empire Fortune Slot Review

Empire Fortune is a progressive jackpot slot, produced by gaming elite Yggdrasil, consisting of 10 pay-lines and 5 reels. With a luxurious setting. Empire fortune boasts a massive Free Spins feature where you can trigger up to 30 free spins with as many as 10x multiplier. The Jackpot Wheel feature allows you to spin the wheel to win mystery rewards and cash prizes up to x500 your bet, access to the Fireworks feature and Free Spins feature. The Fireworks feature presents you with twelve rockets which fire onto the jackpot wheel for even bigger wins, including three progressive jackpots!

Empire Fortune is a 10 pay-lines, 5 reels’ progressive jackpot slot. It can be played at EuroLotto from €0.20 to €200 per spin across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. There are four bonus features in total with three progressive jackpots for the taking.

empire fortune
Empire Fortune Slot

The theme is as luxurious as it is opulent – the reels are adorned with precious gemstones and jewels set in a gold littered room, the animation and graphics are fantastic making you feel like you’re royalty.

Empire Fortune brings you four bonus features. The Free Spins feature is triggered when you get three or more free spins symbols anywhere on the reels – Three free spins symbols will give you 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier, four will trigger 20 free spins with 4x multiplier and five will reward you with thirty free spins with a 10x multiplier.

Get 2 free spins icons (or 2 bonus icons) in a main game spin, and you can choose to pay three times your stake to hold them in place for another spin. This feature is known as the “Hold feature”, this feature gives you another chance of triggering the feature.

Empire Fortune Free Spins
Empire Fortune Free Spins

If you get three or more Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels, you will unlock the Jackpot Wheel feature – a multi-tiered golden cake will appear, with a huge ruby at the top. lavished with gold coins, you need to spin the wheel to win:

Cash prizes include:
4 and 250 times your stake
between 2 and 50 times your stake with a re-spin
10 to 30 free spins with a multiplier between 2 and 10x
Mystery win prizes between 25 and 500 times your stake

Access to the Fireworks feature

The Fireworks feature fires 3, 6 or 12 rockets up onto the jackpot wheel awarding you with prizes wherever they land.  The rocket could potentially hit any of the huge 3 progressive jackpots.

Empire Fortune slot
Empire Fortune Slot

€3,000,000 Empire Fortune Jackpot

There are millions of more reasons to play Empire Fortune! Three million, to be exact, as Yggdrasil’s Empire Fortune progressive jackpot slot has breached the expected fallout value of €3,000,000! This means that the big prize is there for the taking, the fortune is ripe and ready to be plucked.

You can win up to 1,300 times your stake which will come due to the 10x multiplier.

We’re rooting for you to break the bank and bring the jackpot home, because when Empire Fortune’s jackpot drops, it will be the biggest ever win in any Yggdrasil game!


Grim Muerto Slot Game + Chances To Unlock Free Spins!

Grim Muerto is the latest slot game by Play n Go boasting 5 reels and 20 paylines. Based on the Dia de Muertos or ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations, the slot game features a Mexican Mariachi band.

Grim Muerto
Grim Muerto

Grim Muerto is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot. Based on the pleasant Día de Muertos celebrations, it can be played across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. With plenty of zest and thrills, it has an obvious Mexican theme.




The game is based on the Day of the Dead which is a holiday celebrated in Mexico where friends and family pray for and remember the family and friends’ members who have passed away. Featuring spookily good looking members of a Mexican Mariachi band, they include Tauro the trumpeter, Amador the accordionist, Vincente on the vihuela and Fernando the fiddler.

Grim Muerto Wild
Grim Muerto Wild

Other icons on the reels include the candles scatter symbol, the book scatter symbol, and the guitar wild – the guitar wild can substitute for any other icon except the scatter and is the highest value prize rewarding you with x50 your wager when you get 5 on a payline.



In Grim Muerto, 1 reel is highlighted by a before each spin – if the guitar wild symbol lands on that chosen reel, it duplicates to replace other symbols on that reel.

Grim Muerto Free Spins
Grim Muerto Free Spins

The highlight attraction is the Free Spins feature which is triggered when the book scatter symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 – this will reward you with 10 free spins. The good news is that free spins can be re-triggered on an unlimited basis until the maximum win (covered below) is                                                                     won.

If you get 1 or 2 candle symbols on the reels in the feature, you will get 3 or 6 additional free spins respectively. There’s more – the book reveals a high value Mariachi symbol before the feature starts which acts as an additional wild throughout the feature! Furthermore, between 2 and 5 reels are highlighted on every free spin – if a wild or extra wild lands on these selected reels, it duplicates to replace all other symbols on those reels.

There is also a Second Chance feature where you can still trigger the Free Spins feature when only 2 book scatter symbols appear – you get to pick 1 of the 4 symbols on the screen for your chance to enter the Free Spins feature or win cash prizes.

Grim Muerto
Grim Muerto

Grim Muerto is a medium variance slot game with wins of up to 2,500 times your stake possible on every single spin – the bigger wins will come in the Free Spins feature due to the extra wild and up to 5 reels highlighted where wilds can be duplicated. Highly entertaining, this is a great game from Play ‘N Go. I also recommend you try some of Play ‘N Go’s other slots with Book of Dead highly recommended.


Arriba! Arriba! Skulls and sombreros at the ready, because it’s the day of the dead at EuroLotto and you’ve been summoned to enter our earie graveyard – but fear not, there’s a reward at the end of it all for our top 20 players! Click here to find out more.



The Legend of the White Snake Lady Slot

Discover The Legend of the White Snake Lady in this brand new video slot machine presented by Yggdrasil Gaming. The mighty forces of good, evil, love and hate are at play in the 5-reels slot game, giving you the chance to take part in one of the world’s most ancient love stories.
The theme takes place in Ancient China, the slot offers some thrilling and rewarding game play with 243 ways to win as well as wild symbols that gives you free re-spins.

Symbols and What They Signify.

In total there are eight different icons to be found in the slot game. In The Legend of the White Snake Lady mobile slot you will only find fantastic looking images as symbols which range from magicians to the the lady with the white snake herself, random pagodas and eastern looking characters appear. Astonishingly, the symbol values are extremely similar to one another and that is something you will not really find in many other casino games. Any five symbols in a row will pretty much reward you with 2,500 coins, although the prize does differ when it comes to other smaller combinations. The exception of the rule in the Legend of the White Snake Lady slot, is the lady with the white snake herself, claiming the title of the most valuable symbol. Make a combination of five of her symbols in a row without any wilds and win up to 25,000 coins, meaning an incredible one thousand times your wager! Keep in mind that this is just one single pay line, while the game itself makes relatively easy to bag several winning combinations at the same time.

Pay-out Comes From Both Sides.

One of the many reasons why it is so relatively easy to get winning combinations in The Legend of the White Snake Lady slot game is because you can win from both the right to the left and from the left to the right. That is also the reason why the middle reel will keep spinning long after placing a bet, because of course that makes things even more thrilling for players. By the same token, every possible pay line is active within the slot. That means there are 243 lines on which you uncover a winning combinations and those well work both ways! Well of course, now it all sounds so easy, but as expected, those mega wins will not come around on every other spin. With the Legend of the White Snake Lady slot patience is the name of the game as until that big win comes by in the shape of a combination with five in a row. But when this happens then the stage is pretty much set for a big win!

Sticky Wilds Give Free Re-spins.

Besides the fact that you can get some very impressive wins in The Legend of the White Snake Lady slot, there is one cool feature to be found with a special icon. It is because you can run into sticky wilds with this game, except they can only be found on the middle reel and that explains why the mid reel is the last one to stop spinning. Best part about those wilds? That would be the fact that they will award you with a free re-spin! The Legend of the White Snake Lady slot offers three rows with character symbols on top of each other, which means no more than three sticky wilds can be revealed at the same time. But since they can appear during separate spins, the game makes it entirely possible to get three free re-spins in a row and that could mean lots of big prizes for you.

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Blackjack: A Beginner’s Guide To The Game.


Before you can start leaning about advanced blackjack strategies, you’ve got to get the lay of the land on how the game is presented and played – most specifically the basic playing rules of the game, and a few do and don’ts that you need to know when you are playing.

Below is EuroLotto’s beginner’s guide to blackjack, let us get started. Shall we?




Most common knowledge of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible at all times. Wrong! The objective of blackjack is: to beat the dealer’s card hand by either:


  • 1) having a total that surpasses the dealer’s total.
  • 2) by not exceeding over 21 when the dealer does.



Blackjack card value
Blackjack card value

Blackjack cards count their face value in the game. Picture cards always count as 10 and the ace can count as either 11 or 1. Card suits value have no meaning in blackjack. The total of any card hand is the sum of the card values in check. A hand containing a 5-7-8 totals 20.


Another containing a queen-4 totals 14. It is always assumed that the ace counts as 11 unless doing so would make your hand total exceed 21 and bust, in which case the ace reverts to a value of 1.



Blackjack Hand
Blackjack Hand

When a dealer’s or a player’s hand exceeds a total of 21, this is known as a bust (AKA “break” is used when the dealer’s hand exceeds 21.) So if the player was dealt a 6-10 cards, and drew one more card which was an 8, the player busted because his hand                                                                         totaled 24.



BlackJack Soft VS Hard Hand
BlackJack Soft VS Hard Hand

A hard hand is any hand that either counts the ace as 1, or any hand that does not contain an ace. For example, 5-5 is a hard 10; 6-A-10 is a hard 10.

Any other hand that contains an ace that counts as 11 is known as a soft hand. For example, A-6 is a soft hand and a soft 16; A-3-6 is a soft 19; and 3-3-A-4 is a soft 20.

When a player receives their first two cards and one of them is an ace, the ace will be counted as 11. Often when players are dealt a soft hand and draw more cards, their hand will convert to a hard hand. For example, suppose you are dealt an A-5 which is a soft 16, and draw another card. Suppose the draw card was a 7. The player now has a hard 13 because you cannot bust when you draw to a soft hand.



Blackjack Chips
Blackjack Chips

In most casinos, money is not used to make bets. You must use casino chips – chips are colour coded to signify their value and their value is usually imprinted on the chip itself.




Blackjack Cards
Blackjack Cards

Every blackjack table has a buy-in that specifies what the minimum and maximum bet limits are. For example, if a table has a minimum bet of €25 you are not allowed to place a bet of €5 chip only; the player’s minimum bet must be €25.
Prior to the deal of the hand, all participating players must make a bet by placing chips in their designated betting boxes. The dealer and every player will receive two cards. One of the dealer’s cards is always dealt “face up” so that players can see its immediate value. The other card, known as the dealer’s down card; is hidden.



Blackjack Hit
Blackjack Hit

Once the cards have been dealt, the player looks at his initial two cards to see the value of one of the dealer’s two cards, the player must then make a playing decision.

A “hit” means that a player wants the dealer to give another card to their hand. In shoe games, players will indicate to the dealer that they want a “hit” by making a tapping the table behind their cards with their finger. In hand-held games, players will scratch the edges of the cards in their hand lightly on the felt.



Blackjack Stand
Blackjack Stand

“Stand” means that the player is content with the total of their playing hand and want to stand with the cards they have. In shoe games, players will indicate that they want to stand by waving their hand over the cards, palm down.


In hand-held games, players will tuck their cards under the chips that they have in the betting box.



Blackjack Split
Blackjack Split

If players have two like cards a pair of 5s or aces, they could exercise the option to split them. When they split, players must make another bet equal to their original bet, by placing their chip next to the original chip bet on the hand.

When the pair is split, players must then play each card as a separate hand and can draw as many cards as they like to each hand, except splitting aces; most casinos will allow only one draw card to each ace. For example, if a player was dealt a pair of 6s, and split, the player would have two separate hands with a count of 6 in each hand. They are then required to play out one of the split hands (right hand side first) to completion before the other.



Blackjack Double Down
Blackjack Double Down

This option allows players to double their initial bet in return for receiving one (and only one) draw card. In most casinos, players can only double down after they receive their first two cards and before drawing another card.



Blackjack Insurance
Blackjack Insurance

When the dealer’s up-card is an ace card, dealers’ will ask the players if they would like to make an insurance wager, which is typically a side bet in which players are betting that the dealer’s hole card will be a 10 value card.

Players can make an “insurance bet” equal to or less than half of the original bet made on the hand. Players win their insurance bet if the dealer has a ten value card. A winning insurance bet pays off at 2 to 1 odds.



Blackjack Even Money
Blackjack Even Money

If a player has a blackjack hand and the dealer has an ace showing, the dealer will ask the player if they want “even money.” – Even money means that the dealer will automatically give players a 1 to 1 odds (or even money) payoff on their bet before checking their down-card for a potential blackjack. Taking even money yields the same result as making an insurance bet on players’ blackjack hand.



Blackjack Dealer
Blackjack Dealer

Unlike the players, the dealers in blackjack has no playing options. Casino rules specify that a dealer must draw – the dealer’s hand totals less than 17 and stand when the total is 17 to 21. In some casinos, dealers must hit on 17 and in others they must stand on a soft 17.

It’s always better for the player if the rules specify the casino dealer must stand on soft 17.



Blackjack Hand
Blackjack Hand

If a player’s hand exceeds a total of 21, the player will automatically lose. However, If the player’s un-busted hand exceeds the total of the dealer’s hand before 21, the player wins and is paid a total of 1 to 1 odds.

If the player and dealer have the same total, the hand is called as a tie, and the player retains his bet. A player’s untied blackjack hand, also known as a “natural” is paid at 3 to 2.

Are You Ready To Give Blackjack A Go?

That now you’ve got the hang of it, how about you give blackjack by chossing anyone of the blackjack games on EuroLotto’s Table Games section?


Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

Welcome to Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune! There was a time during your childhood when the happiest days of your life were when the carnival was in town – hanging around the theme park for three consecutive days like there was nothing else more important in life. It was a time your parents dreaded the most as they burned through their wallets. But all to make you happy, and if useless trumpery is what made you happy, then so it be.

EuroLotto‘s latest addition comes with a mega prize attached to it! We’re offering players the opportunity to win a trip for two, to the incredible Gardaland theme park in Italy! Scroll down to find out more.

The time you leave theme parks with some useless toys is officially over as NetEnt have just released Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune, a brand new video slot game that will leave you with a lot more than a stuffed teddy and cotton candy in your hands.

Forget about the awful keychains and firecrackers as Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is giving you a chance to win big. Incredible cash prizes are up for grabs while you enjoy the many games you’re familiar with such as the Punch bag, Sledgehammer, Skee Ball, Can Tower, Fishing, and Duck Shoot.

NetEnt’s developers have truly outdone themselves this time with what is already being considered as the “Slot game of the year” – Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is built with three principals in mind. Fun, nostalgia and cash prizes, LOTS of it!

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune
In-Game Screenshot.

The 3D slot game is charged with colourful and mesmerising symbols that prance across the reels. The game features an incredible 50 pay-lines and 5 reels.

The slot theme is based on a classical fairground where you can take pleasure in shooting ducks, testing your strength, knocking down can towers, fishing for prizes, Skee balling and testing how hard you can punch a bag.

The animation and graphics that appear on the reels are cartoon like. Paying symbols are rockets, planes, duck boats, dodgems, roller coasters, claw cranes, bonus wheels, carousel horses and most important of them all. Golden Tickets.

Game Features

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is jam packed with incredible features for you to get excited about – let’s explore what this hot-shot “game of the year” is really packing, shall we?

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune
Wild Card Mega Prizes!

Wilds: Reveal 3 or more wild symbols and get ready for the highest pay-outs during the main game.



Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune
Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket: The golden ticket is the scatter. Three or more of them trigger the Ticket Wheel bonus spins. Win as many tickets as possible with the three spins and use them to play any of the 6 Theme Park Bonuses.


Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune
Bonus Wheel Feature

Bonus Wheel feature: is activated when the Bonus Wheel appears. You’ll win one of any of the 6 Theme Park Bonuses.



Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune
Claw Feature

Claw Feature: Is activated when the claw crane is revealed. You’ll win a cash prize when the claw grabs a stuffed toy situated below the reels.


Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune
Duck Shoot Bonus Game

Duck Shoot Bonus Game: There are five ducks, each one reveals a coin prize. The multiplier starts off with 1x but increases up to 4x after every shot.


Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune
Fishing Bonus Game

Fishing Bonus Game: This feature is a no-brainer. All you need to do is hook as many fish as possible. For every fish you’ve hooked you’ll receive a cash prize.


Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune
Sledge Hammer Bonus Game

Sledge Hammer Bonus Game: This is where you get to test your strength. The higher you can hit the little ball with the hammer to ring the bell at the top of the tower, the better your cash prize will be.


Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune
Punch Bag Bonus Game

Punch Bag Bonus Game: Test your boxing skills. The harder you hit the punching bag the higher your cash reward.



Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune
Skee Ball Bonus Game

Skee Ball Bonus Game: For every ball you successfully throw into a hole you’ll get a pay-out. You can win as much as 20x your bet with multipliers.


Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune
Can Tower Bonus Feature

Can Tower Bonus Game: Couldn’t be simpler. Knock as many cans down as possible to reveal the cash prizes you’ve won.



Win A Trip for Two To Italy!

With all that being said and done, we’re certain that you’re about to pop with excitement and ready to give Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune a go, and what better way to find your fortune with fun at the fair than a free trip to Italy? Take a crack at winning a trip for two, to beautiful Lake Garda in Italy and revisit your childhood dreams in its magical theme park, Gardaland. Play EuroLotto‘s latest game, Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune for your chance to collect the 1st prize worth €4,250!

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Monkey King Slot: Is he the next King of the Jungle?

Monkey King Slot Game – EuroLotto is proud to announce our latest casino release.

Ladies and gentlemen, from the creators of epic games such as Vikings Gone Wild and Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Yggdrasil presents its latest addition to the casino slots hot list- the brand new Monkey King slot game.

Monkey King is a stunning, jam-packed slot game with so many features going for it, we guarantee you haven’t seen anything like this before! The game has count down wilds, sticky wilds, treasure chest symbol, and not one, not two but three free spins modes.

To add even more to the fun to the gaming experience, Yggdrasil have added a fantastic new feature to the slot called the “triggered Monkey King”. On multiple occasions (and to the player’s big advantage), the King himself will enter the game and change an existing symbol into another symbol which increases your chances at winning the big bucks!

If you were excited about the movie, then you’re in for an even bigger and better pleasant experience! The game is lavished with gorgeous design and stunning graphics and it runs as smooth as it is pretty.

With fun and fresh features, the irresistible slot game is already fast becoming a favourite among players; and with all that’s going for it, we can easily see why.

The Monkey King Is Waiting For You.

If you haven’t played the phenomenal slot game yet, then we heartily encourage you to. So why don’t you make a deposit and give Monkey King a whirl?

All new players at are able to try out Monkey King and the rest of the fantastic range of instant win games, with a generous welcome bonus too! We will match your first deposit € for €, with a 100% bonus right up to €100!

Deposit now!

Eurovision 2016: Ukraine’s Jamala Wins!

Ukraine’s Jamala crowned Eurovision Champion.

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest was held in Stockholm, Sweden – and what a night it was! The song ‘1944’ scored 534 points for Ukraine, putting them on top of the table; followed by Australia with 511 points; whilst Russia (the favourite going into the competition) finished third, with 491 points.

The night produced one of the most exhilarating finals in the contests’ history. Australia, (well in the lead with the jury votes) was overturned by the public’s tele-voting, that propelled Ukraine into a 23-point lead!

Eurovision, Euro Lotteries and Casino Thrills!

When the magic was taking place on stage, EuroLotto was adding to the excitement too! We gave away 60 Free Spins to all players, for 3 top slot games in a “Eurovision bonus special”. It gave us a pretty good idea who you guys were cheering on when players showed support for a country by choosing their favourite free spins bonus:

  1. Ole Ole! If Spain was your superstar, you could collect 20 free Spinata Grande spins
  2. Or crack the case for the UK with 20 Free Spins on Holmes and the Stolen Stones
  3. Vote for a Swedish victory and pick up 20 free spins on Vikings Gone Wild.

Vikings Go Wild was the most popular, putting Sweden in the lead for EuroLotto fans – but then it is just a super fun game too 🙂

And whilst Jamala started living her European dream as Queen of Eurovision 2016; lucky lotto winners celebrated too!  A total of € 16.5 million was distributed among 363,199 lucky winners in the EuroJackpot draw.  A whopping € 19 million was shared between 2,640,882 other EuroMillions winners as well!

We hope that you enjoyed the Eurovision – and found time to have the time of your life with us at EuroLotto too.


Eurovision Is Finally Here And We’ve Got Plenty Going On!

Live the European dream!

Eurovision, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot – let’s make it a weekend to remember! This Saturday, Europe’s best singers will compete for the title of Eurovision king or queen.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is the 61st edition of the contest, the contest will take place in the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, following Sweden’s victory at the 2015 contest in Vienna with the song “Heroes”, performed by Måns Zelmerlöw.

The running order for the Grand Final:

1. Belgium 2. Czech Republic 3. The Netherlands 4. Azerbaijan 5. Hungary 6. Italy 7. Israel 8. Bulgaria 9. Sweden 10. Germany 11. France 12. Poland
13. Australia 14. Cyprus 15. Serbia 16. Lithuania 17. Croatia 18. Russia 19. Spain 20. Latvia 21. Ukraine 22. Malta 23. Georgia 24. Austria 25 United Kingdom  26. Armenia.

Whether you’ll be watching on TV or casting your vote amidst screaming fans in Stockholm, we’ll keep you equally entertained.

Cast Your Eurovision Vote & Join The Fun.

Join the fun and “cast your vote” at EuroLotto: make a deposit of €10, choose a country from the list below and release 20 free spins on the corresponding game to GO FOR THE WIN!

– Ole Ole! If Spain is your superstar, collect 20 free Spinata Grande spins.

– Crack the case for the UK with 20 Free Spins on Holmes and the Stolen Stones.

– Vote for a Swedish victory and pick up 20 free spins on Vikings Gone Wild.

Can’t decide which to choose? All 3 bonuses are available for you until midnight on Sunday with a total of 60 free spins to enjoy. 🙂

Why don’t you try your luck this weekend? Visit the EuroLotto casino and choose your game – Go for the win!

You could sing your song of financial freedom by taking a crack at the lottery jackpots too. EuroMillions and EuroJackpot are both waiting for winners, but hurry – ticket sales close SOON!

Hoping lady luck is on your side,

EuroLotto Team

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Joker Millions Jackpot Winner

At EuroLotto we love it when a player wins big!  We are so excited to announce that Kim, a Norwegian player from Oslo hit the jackpot on one of our favourite instant wins Joker Millions!

The Joker Millions slot game, created by the talented folks at “Yggdrasil Gaming” is  still pretty new, and it’s the first time the big jackpot has been hit.

Kim won the epic €720,127.50 jackpot on Tuesday afternoon (15th September 2015) just 1 hour after depositing and playing on his mobile phone.

The lucky winner said: “It has not quite dawned on me yet, and I am certainly a little shaky to hear the bank balance once money is in my account, I’ll buy a new car, and then invest in an apartment eventually. My partner loves shopping, so she will certainly spend a few hundred thousand on that as well”

This is how he got lucky:

  • Deposited €30 via his mobile
  • Started playing Twin Spin…
  • Deposited another €20 and made his 2nd attempt
  • Decided to make it 3rd time lucky and deposited a further €30
  • Started playing Joker Millions…
  • Won €375 with a €2.50 bet
  • And hour in, and he won the jackpot of €720,127.50

So it was really  a case of 3rd time lucky, landing him over 6.5 million in his native Norwegian Kroner!

Play the amazing Joker Millions progressive jackpot game here or check out all our other jackpot games! EuroLotto offers the biggest jackpots online – Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune to name a few – all available to play on desktop and mobile.

Watch the replay of a huge jackpot win on Joker Millions Slot Machine from Yggdrasil Gaming: