Win your slice of the €307 Million American Lottery Jackpots!

American Lottery
Grab a slice of the american lottery jackpots!

That’s right, €307 MILLION is ready for the taking in this weekend’s biggest American lottery draws. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an overnight multi-millionaire, this is for you!

The American Lottery Favourite!

First up, MegaMillions is standing at an impressive €86 Million. Thousands of players are lining up to buy their tickets before sales close in America. If you want to play online at; you have until midnight on Friday night (CET) to get your tickets. MegaMillions tickets cost only €2.50 and you’ll be picking 5 lucky numbers from 1-75 plus a “MegaBall” from 1-15.

Did you know…MegaMillions used to hold the global record for the biggest ever jackpot of $656 Million? That was before Powerball snatched the title in January 2016 with that unforgettable billionaires dream draw!

Powerball is €221 Million and still growing…could you hit the big time in Saturday’s draw?

If you’re serious about living that American Dream – then you won’t miss out on playing in Saturday’s Powerball draw! Tickets at are €3.50 per line and you’ll be playing for a stupendous €221 Million. To enter the Powerball draw, pick 5 from 1-59 plus the essential Powerball number. This time, could it be you??

Boosterballs = more chances to win!

Add more anticipation and excitement to the lottery draws with Boosterballs! It’s very simple – press the purple Boosterball below each ticket to select 3 Booster Balls, then use the Boost’o’Meter slider to choose a stake from €1 to €10. Match the 3 Boosterballs you choose with 3 numbers in the draw and win from €1.000 up to €10.000! An average payout for three correct numbers in Powerball is approximately €6. So why not multiply the wins by boosting the balls!

Exclusively at…

We’ll give you 100% cashback on your first lottery ticket purchase! We’re crossing our fingers for all our players, and hoping they’ll get lucky in lotto…but if it doesn’t happen the 1st time you play at, you’ve got a money-back guarantee on the cost of the tickets.

Boosterball! Match 3 Numbers & Win up to €10,000!

There are loads of benefits in choosing to play lotto online, especially at! For instance, did you know that you can increase your chance of winning with our super BOOSTERBALL bets?

aWkiee” is a EuroLotto player from Etne in Norway. He added a “Boosterball” bet to his EuroJackpot ticket and bagged himself an extra €10,000 prize!

The Boosterballs are a special feature, giving you the chance to win extra cash by matching only 3 numbers in a lotto draw. You can choose whether to “boost” your chances when you pick your next lotto numbers.

With a POWERBALL ROLLOVER to look forward to this weekend, and millions more in spectacular jackpots, some lucky players will become overnight millionaires – but even more will win enough to enjoy some of life’s luxuries…

How to increase your chance to win more on the lotteries with extra BoosterBalls:

  1. Pick a lottery and choose your numbers
  2. Press the purple “Boosterball” on the ticket to select 3 Boosterball numbers
  3. Use the “Boost’o’Meter” to choose your stake from €1 to €10
  4. Match 3 Boosterballs with the numbers in the draw & win from €1.000 up to €10.000

Choose your lottery tickets – good luck! 

Lottery Discount: 20% off EuroMillions tickets!

Happy Friday lotto fans! Let’s start the countdown to the weekend with a fantastic lottery discount to get the ball rolling.

From today until midnight on Sunday, we’re giving you a 20% Multi-Draw Discount Deal for your EuroMillions tickets!

A Multi-Draw package is the best way to save this weekend when you purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets in advance. The 20% Multi-Draw discount is available when you choose 8 or more draws.

  1. Choose your EuroMillions numbers
  2. Select 8 or more draws in the “duration” option
  3. Add all your tickets to the cart
  4. Enter the gift code “em20” to apply a 20% DISCOUNT to your total.Buy your EuroMillions tickets online and use your exclusive discount now!

Top Tip? We offer weekly, monthly and even yearly lotto subscription choices for all your favourite tickets. So you could stock up on your EuroMillions tickets with a discount now, and play them months later. Never forget your tickets again!

Hoping lady luck is on your side this weekend!
Team EuroLotto


Powerball numbers for Wednesday 13th April 2016

Get the latest powerball numbers and news right here! The last draw for the Powerball was held on 14.04.2016, at 04:59am CET in Orlando, Florida, USA.

A total of € 5,304,361.46 prize money was distributed among 552,517 lucky Powerball winners!

Powerball numbers:  The winning numbers were 30-33-35-38-64, with the red Powerball being 22.

But the Powerball hasn’t stopped rolling yet – with no jackpot winners in six weeks, the total continues to creep towards the whopping €200 Million mark. It’s currently sitting pretty at €181,000,000 but ticket sales are starting to soar again…so we can expect to see this increase quickly!

Did you know…Powerball jackpot winners can choose to take the amount in a lump sum, or as annuity payments. Most recent winners have chosen the lump sum – the thrill of that giant amount is just too appealing!

Playing for the Powerball lotto jackpot online tickets will cost you just €3.50 at  Plus, the first ticket you buy comes with a money back guarantee if you don’t win!  Will you be a winner in the next draw?

Play for the €181,00,000 Powerball online now

Powerball Rollover Again!

It’s a Powerball Rollover: Saturday April 9th 2016
Main Balls: 14 – 22 – 23 – 41 – 61
Powerball: 9
No. of Jackpot Wins: 0

Although no-one hit the Powerball jackpot at the weekend, millionaires were still made! Joseph Woods, a bus driver from Minnesota has happily decided to retire after winning his million Powerball prize.

He matched five numbers but not the Powerball and called his employers to share the news: “I told them, I’m not coming in anymore. I just won $1 million,” Woods said. “I think that was a good enough explanation.” Woods says he’s looking forward to having more time to “enjoy the same things he’s been doing.”

Wood’s winning ticket was purchased at a very lucky gas station in Minnesota – they’ve previously sold a Powerball ticket worth $61.1 million, a $130,000 Gopher 5 jackpot, a $100,000 winning Minnesota Millionaire Raffle ticket, a $100,000 winning scratch ticket and three Northstar Cash jackpot-winning tickets! Wow!

But if shopping in Minnesota isn’t convenient for you, then is the answer 🙂  You still have have time to play for Wednesday’s Powerball Rollover  – it’s worth €161,000,000! Check out our quick guide to playing below and buy before the ticket sales close.

How to play the Powerball Lottery
Here’s our quick guide to playing the Powerball lottery online:

  1. Open an account for free at (and get a money-back-guarantee on your first ticket)
  2. Click on the Powerball lotto
  3. Pick five regular numbers from 1–69 and a Powerball number from 1–26
  4. Choose how many Powerball draws you’d like to take part in
  5. Add your tickets to the cart and check out – super easy
  6. The draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings in America, so if you’re buying your lotto tickets online at EuroLotto, and you’re located in Europe, note that the ticket sales close at midnight.
  7. The next day, you can check the Powerball results and other winning numbers on the website
  8. Any winnings will be credited into your account. Good luck lotto fans!

Next Draw: Wednesday April 13th 2016. Ticket sales close at midnight.
Next Jackpot: €161,000,000

Wednesday night’s Powerball jackpot soars to €269 / $301m!

Dream Big
Dream Big, Win Bigger

The Powerball jackpot has soared to €269 million without a winner since Aug. 1 2015 – and if it rolls over again with no jackpot winner in tonight’s draw, this outrageous prize will continue to grow!

According to the Multi-State Lottery Association, odds to win the prize are about 1 in 175,223,510 and a jackpot winner for Wednesday’s draw could walk away with a $191.4 million cash payout. The multistate Powerball lottery spans 44 American states, as well as the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia  – but offers the chance to play for the same jackpot amount online, wherever you are in the world!

The next draw takes place on Wednesday and at, you must buy your Powerball tickets before midnight – this is when the ticket sales cut-off.

The most recent jackpot was claimed in California on Aug. 1. which is why the jackpot has climbed so high now! But of course, that’s not the only big prize to play for – on September 19th, a Virginia man scooped $2 Million in the Powerball draw, and had this to say:

“I woke up, normal routine,” At some point, he checked the numbers on his phone (you can find all the lottery results by visiting on your mobile too!) “I ran upstairs and woke my wife up, and I was like, ‘Look at this, look at this, look at this right here and tell me what you see,’ ” he said. “We just looked at each other, like, is this real? It was a shock. It hasn’t set in all the way.”

Lucky Michael and Natasha Alston said they are also relieved to be able to pay for college for their children so they don’t have to incur debt.  Michael Alston is retired from the Navy and used to run track. When he found out he had the winning ticket, it brought him back to his running days. “I used to run long distance, and I was out of breath when I was done,” he said. “That’s what it kind of felt like. Like I had just run 3 miles. “It’s something you dream about all your life,” he said. “I’m waiting for it to sink in.”

If you’re dreaming of a win like this – you know what you have to do – log in at EuroLotto and buy those tickets now!


Powerball rolls over again – no jackpot winner in last draw!

Imagine winning the Powerball Jackpot!
Imagine winning the Powerball Jackpot!

There were 888.150 lucky winners in the last Powerball draw, held on 27.09.2015, with a total of € 11.252.064,58 prize money paid out…BUT we can report that there was no big jackpot winner!

Any lucky player matching all 5 numbers and the Powerball would have won the €239 million prize. The numbers drawn were: 23-31-42-50-57 with Powerball 5.

So, now the prize has rolled over to an estimated €269 / $301 million for Wednesday’s draw and the world is gripped by Powerball fever! The US powerball jackpot hasn’t been that large since February, when three players shared a $564 million pot.

Dreamers all over the US are grabbing their  chance at becoming an instant millionaire. After all, someone WILL win soon! And if you’re playing here at, you can take part as well when you buy your tickets online!

Can you imagine checking the numbers and realising it’s YOU. You’re the winner. If you beat the odds and win the Powerball, life would change forever! A dream purchase, helping others, retiring early…that’s what you’re playing for.

€269 Powerball jackpot – BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW

Your new way to play the world’s biggest lotteries!

01, June, 2015 – We have just unveiled our new-look site, allowing you to buy tickets online for six of the world’s biggest lotteries including EuroMillions, EuroJackpot and the USA’s famous Powerball and MegaMillions draws!

Our new service promises to be the go-to site for lottery fans, presenting competitive ticket prices, a comprehensive results service, and exclusive discounts and promotions, including cashback on losing tickets, free tickets and special bundle giveaways.

We have also added a whole new dimension to lottery excitement in the form of “BoosterBalls”. BoosterBalls offer you the opportunity to choose 3 numbers on each lottery ticket and use the Boost’o’Meter slider to choose an extra bet from €1 to €10. By matching the 3 BoosterBalls with numbers in the draw, players can win up to €10,000!

The plan for the coming months is packed with new features designed for maximising the fun and excitement of lottery. Lottery Syndicates, LIVE lottery games, value ticket packages, a mobile and tablet version of the new site and much more will be released – and as always, you can also play the best collection of scratch cards, instant win jackpots and casino games you can find online!

There are literally hundreds of millions of euros in prizes up for grabs and lottery players all over the world now have easy access to play for their share.

The six global lotteries you now play on are:

  • EuroMillions – Europe’s most well-known continent-wide draw which has two draws a week and paid out a record jackpot of €190m in October 2014
  • EuroJackpot – Launched in spring 2012 and operates across 16 different countries in Europe with a draw every Friday.  Its record payout is €61m
  • MegaMillions – A US lotto famed for its record-breaking jackpots from its twice-weekly draws. Paid out a staggering world-record $656m in March 2012
  • Powerball – Known as America’s favourite lottery, it holds draws on Thursdays and Sundays and one player scooped $590.5m in May 2013
  • SuperEnalotto – Italy’s biggest lottery has three draws a week – its record payout is €177.8m
  • Lotto 6/49 – The national lottery of Germany has a guaranteed top prize of €1m on Wednesdays and €2m on Saturday. Its top payout is €45.4m

We’re so excited about these changes and hope you are too. If you have any feedback or comments about the new EuroLotto site, please add them below and have your say.

Good luck and enjoy!