Everything You Need To Know About The Changes Coming To The US Megamillions

US MegaMillions

Many changes are coming to the US MegaMillions game with the introduction of new rules taking place at the end of October. The latest changes include an increase in the minimum jackpot from $15 million (€13,000,000) to $40 million (€34,000,000); in a bid to create larger jackpots for players – the changes will also include a larger pool of numbers of Mega Balls, taking it from 15 to 25.  The first draw with the new changes will go into effect on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017.

Rule Changes on the US MegaMillions

Kicking off on Tuesday 31 October 2017, the draw will be a little more challenging to win the MegaMillions jackpot, with the odds going from 1 in almost 259 million to 1 in about 303 million while the odds of winning the second-tier prize of $1 million have improved from 1 in about 18 million to 1:12 million.

MegaMillions goes toe to toe with its US rival lottery, the Powerball.
Both lotteries compete for record-breaking jackpot prizes.
For four years, the US MegaMillions held the world record with the $656 million (€565,000,000) jackpot claimed in March 2012 by three lucky ticket holders. Then in January 2016, the US Powerball dwarfed its rival with a $1.58 billion jackpot that was awarded to three lucky winners.

The changes to the MegaMillions rules include:

Main numbers5 numbers from 1 – 755 numbers from 1 – 70
Mega Ball1 number from 1 – 151 number from 1 – 25
Starting jackpot$15 million (€13,000,000)$40 million (€34,000,000);

Benefits of Changes

When commenting on the changes, MegaMillions officials were keen on expressing their excitement and vowed that the jackpots will be even bigger than ever.

These changes to the MegaMillions game will give fans the opportunity to win larger and more impressive prizes, as well as help the states who participate in Mega Millions raise funds for much needed causes. The new funds collected could result in a new monster record for the largest MegaMillions jackpot, possibly the world. The current jackpot record is held $656 million (€565,000,000), won on March 30th, 2012.

Will the US Powerball raise the stakes?

The MegaMillions will bring more fun and excitement to play than ever before. Will the US Powerball change its rules and raise the stakes to retain its supremacy above its bitter rival? Anything could happen and lottery players from all over the world can only stand to benefit from the higher prizes on offer!

US MegaMillions Ticket Holder Wins €363 Million Jackpot.

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US Lottery official revealed early on Sunday that a suburban Chicago barbecue shop has successfully sold the lucky winning ticket worth $393 million (€363,000,000) on the MegaMillions jackpot draw that took place on Saturday morning.

The golden winning ticket — which is the 5th largest in MegaMillions history— was purchased in the state of Illinois. This win also brings about very good news for the retailer – as they too, will receive a portion of the win. An estimated $500,000 will be rewarded to the restaurant owner for selling the winning ticket.

Nick Andricopulos, the barbecue shop owner said that he was not aware of the good news until late at night when one of his restaurant managers woke him to inform him about the big news.

“We found out about midnight, one of our managers was watching … I was sleeping actually, woke me up and we’ve been up all night,” Andricopulos said. “We’re very excited, it’s unbelievable.”

The joyful restaurant owner said he is going to use the money to take his wife on a 40th anniversary trip. US lottery officials have advised the lucky ticket holder to “immediately sign the back of the ticket and keep it in a safe place” until they come forward to claim their newly found windfall.

MegaMillions winners have 365 days from the date of the drawing to claim their reward and a winner has yet to come forward to claim the jackpot – which has an estimated cash value of $256 million (€217,000,000) — and had started on April 28 and rolled over 30 times before Saturday’s draw win.

What Will Be the Tax On the Jackpot Prize?

Unlike their European lottery counterparts such as the likes of EuroMillions and Eurojackpot where winners do not pay any tax, the MegaMillions winner will not walk away with the full jackpot amount. If the winner opts for the $247.3 million (€210,000,000) lump sum, then the estimated federal tax charge would be around $61.8 million (52,000,000), with the state of Illinois taking an additional $12.2 million (€10,000,000).

These figures are withheld up front; but the final tax cost is likely to be even higher.

More winners on MegaMillions

Couple win megaMillions
More MwgaMillions winners!

Another lucky couple from South Bay, California, has big plans for their future after securing a €500,000 cash prize. The couple matched 5 out of 6 numbers from Saturday’s MegaMillions jackpot draw.

Jack and Teri found out about their amazing win when the couple decided to go back to the store they purchased the tickets from.

“Well, we were supposed to go to work. Paint and finish our jobs but I don’t know I think we might need to take the day off,” the couple who chose not to give their last names. Jack and Teri plan to spend their winnings on a new house and a long awaited vacation.

What is next for you?

Would-be millionaires have yet another big chance to win huge on Wednesday in the next Powerball drawing, which takes place at 05:59 a.m. CET.

At €364 million, the Powerball top prize is currently ranked as the 14th biggest jackpot in the game’s history, and ranks as the 21st biggest U.S. lottery jackpot. But making it on the all-time top-10 list will require for the jackpot to exceed the $425.3 million (€406,000,000) top prize.

If you’re feeling rather lucky and like Saturday’s winner would like to find yourself turned into an instant millionaire, then pick your lucky numbers for the upcoming €364,000,000 Powerball jackpot here and go for the win.

Good luck!

MegaMillions Jackpot Rises to Phenomenal €203,000,000 Prize

MegaMillions jackpot
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The MegaMillions jackpot has yet to produce a winning ticket, as no player snatched the €189 million top prize for the drawing held on Sunday, July 15. That means the drawing on Wednesday, July 19 will have a jackpot worth €203,000,000.

The MegaMillions winning numbers drawn on July 15 were: 11-12-24-32-73 with the Gold Mega Ball: 1

MegaMillions winners for Sunday July 15th

While there was no top prize winner, one player guessed all 5 white numbers to win $1 million (€970,000). The ticket holder did not play the American Megaplier option which would’ve multiplied their winnings by 4 to win $4 million (€3.7 million).

There were over 709,483 tickets sold that won at least $2 (€1.80) in the drawing. Six tickets have been sold that matched four white balls and the Mega ball to win $5,000 (€4900).

The MegaMillions drawings are held Wednesday and Saturday at 5 a.m.
Five white (main) balls are drawn from a pool numbered numbered 1 through 75 and the Mega ball  is drawn from a pool of 15 numbers.

The MegaMillions Jackpot Keeps Rising

With no jackpot winners yet, the MegaMillions jackpot keeps rolling over and with €203 million to play for, we cannot help but wonder who’s lucky ticket will break the bank! Will it be you?

If you fancy your chances at becoming a millionaire, then play for the phenomenal MegaMillions jackpot. All you have to do is pick 5 main numbers and 1 Mega Ball number. Choose your own set of lucky numbers or select the quick pick option to randomly generate numbers for the draw.

You can play in tonight’s MegaMillions draw by clicking here.

Good luck!


Another Rollover for the MegaMillions Jackpot – Now Worth €110 million

MegaMillions jackpot
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The MegaMillions jackpot has yet again increased as there was no grand prize winner for last Saturday’s €101 million jackpot drawing held on June 17th which signifies that the drawing on Wednesday, June 20th will offer a top prize of €110 million.

MegaMillions Jackpot – Winners for June 17th

3 participants guessed all 5 white digits drawn to win $1 million (€970,000) and those tickets were sold in Ohio, New Jersey and the sunny state of California.

None of the ticket holders played the American Megaplier option which would have increased their winnings up to 5 times and their windfall to $5 million instead of €1,000,000.

Only 2 tickets were sold that matched four white numbers and the Mega ball to win $5,000 (€3,200) but there were almost 606,260 tickets sold that won between $2 (€1.70) and Є447,47 on Saturday’s drawing.

The MegaMillions jackpot draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 05 a.m. a total of five balls are randomly drawn from a pool of 75 numbers; the Mega ball is drawn from a set of 15 numbers. The odds of winning the MegaMillions jackpot is 1:259 million.

You can play MegaMillions by clicking here, each ticket costs only €3.50.

In other Lottery news:

The next Powerball drawing is will be held on Thursday, June 23 at 4.59 CET with an estimated jackpot of €57,000,000. Tickets cost €4 each

The EuroMillions Superdraw is fast approaching, but the upcoming jackpot is an awesome €59 million jackpot ahead of tomorrow, Tuesday 20th June drawing. Tickets cost €3.00 each

DinoLotto offers participants a fixed €50 million jackpot – the game is based on the famous EuroMillions. Tickets cost €2.75 each

EuroJackpot has once again rolled over and is now offering a mammoth €29,000,000 prize for Friday 23rd June drawing! Tickets cost €2.50 each

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MegaMillions Jackpot Rises to €101M Ahead of Weekend Draw

MEGAMILLIONS JACKPOTThe MegaMillions jackpot has once again rolled over as no ticket holder claimed Wednesday’s €90 million jackpot drawing on June 14 which means that the drawing on June 17 will have a top prize of €101 million for players to win.

The winning number for the June 14th drawing were: 27-51-62-68-75 and Mega Ball number: 8

MegaMillions Jackpot – Winners for June 14th

There were no MegaMillions jackpot winners for the June 14th. All but one ticket holder in Michigan matched four white numbers and the Mega Ball to win €4,200.

527,266 tickets sold won prizes ranging from  €1.78 for matching one main number and the Mega Ball number and €447 for matching 4 main numbers.

The MegaMillions draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 5am CET, during the  drawing, five balls are randomly drawn from a pool of 1 through 75; and the Mega Ball number is drawn from a 1 through 15. The MegaMillions jackpot is very popular in the US and is played across 44 states. Tickets cost €3.50 each. You can play MegaMIllions here.

In other Lottery news:

The next Powerball drawing is takes place next Sunday, June 16 at 4.59CET with an estimated jackpot of €36 million.  Tickets cost €2.75 each

EuroMillions is growing once again, with another huge €50 million jackpot ahead of Friday 16th June drawing. Tickets cost €3.00 each

DinoLotto offers players a fixed €50,000,000 jackpot – the game is based on the famous EuroMillions. Tickets cost €2.75 each

EuroJackpot is very quickly catching up with a fantastic 21,000,000 prize for Friday 16th June drawing! Tickets cost €2.50 each

If you’re a big dreamer but an even bigger winner, head down to our lotto page by clicking here. Choose your favourite lotteries, pick your lucky numbers and get in the chance for winning millions and millions!

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Eurolotto’s Top Ten Biggest Jackpots In History

What are the biggest jackpots in history? How high can a jackpot really climb? Which are the biggest lotteries?  These are all important questions any lottery fan has asked themselves at some point, and that’s why we’ve now put together a list of the biggest jackpots in history for you to see.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

  1. $425.3 million, Powerball

On February 19, 2014, Raymond Buxton from California walked into a lottery office on April 1st sporting a t-shirt that read: “Luck of the Jedi I Have.” He wasn’t fooling around either. The retiree was only winner of the $425.3 million (€392 million) drawing. Mr. Buxton said he would put up his Powerball winnings for travel and charitable causes.

biggest jackpots in history
Raymond Buxton MegaMillion Cheuqe
  1. $429.6 million, Powerball

On May 7, 2016, A Powerball top prize winner was drawn. At $429.6 million (€396 million), it is one of the biggest sole winning tickets ever. That winner remains anonymous.

$448.4 million, Powerball

In August 7, 2013: a $448.4 million (€414 million) was drawn. 1 of 3 jackpot tickets was purchased by a syndicate of sixteen victims of Superstorm Sandy making truly for a heart-warming tale in our biggest jackpots in history list. The group of 16 worked for the Ocean County vehicle maintenance facility were all struggling to cope with their losses due to the superstorm. The second ticket holder said he had dreamed of taking home the big prize “so many times in my head.” The 3rd ticket was claimed by a 70-year-old man in New Jersey.

$540 million, MegaMillions

On July 8, 2016, lottery officials announced that a single  MegaMillions ticket for the $540 million (€500 million) jackpot was bought from a local lottery shop Indiana. The numbers from Saturdays drawing were 8, 19, 20, 55, and 73. The mega ball was 5.

biggest jackpots in history

  1. $564 million, Powerball

On February 11, 2015, 1 of the 3 winners was Marie Holmes. The single mom used needed 3 jobs to support her 4 children, including her 7-year old son with cerebral palsy. Holmes said she plans to spend her newly found fortune on her kids, finishing her education, buying her mother a house and donating to charity. The other two winning tickets chose to remain anonymous.

biggest jackpots in history
Powerball winner Marie Holmes
  1. $587.5 Million, Powerball

On November 28, 2012: the $587.5 Million (€544 million) was drawn. Matthew Good had tried to remain anonymous after he found out that he was one of the two winners. Thanks to public record laws Arizona, his identity was eventually revealed. The other winners, Mark and Cindy Hill came forward after realizing their ticket had the winning numbers, they made plans to take their daughter to the beach and buy her a horse “in a couple years.” Oh, and, for Mark, a red Chevvy Camaro.

  1. $590 million, Powerball

On May 18, 2013: Gloria Mackenzie of Florida had the only winning ticket for the $590 million (545 million), but it could’ve easily gone wrong. “While in line at Publix, another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead of them in line to purchase the winning quick-pick ticket,” Mackenzie said.

biggest jackpots in history
biggest jackpots in history
  1. $648 million, Mega Millions

On December 17, 2013, two winners split a $648 million (€600 million) jackpot. Ira Curry said she bet on a combination of family birthdays. Steve Tran was the second winner of the phenomenal jackpot. Tran was working as a delivery driver and while on one of his routes, he stopped and purchased a MegaMillions ticket. When Tran realized, he’d hit the jackpot, he said he called his boss to say, “I hit the jackpot. I don’t think I’m going to come in today, tomorrow, or ever.”

biggest jackpots in history

  1. $656 million, MegaMillions

On March 30, 2012: the single largest MegaMIllions jackpot was pooled and till date remains the second biggest jackpot in history, and MegaMillions’ biggest top prize pool. Ever. The jackpot was worth $656 million (€607 million) but like most of the jackpots on this list, the prize pool was split among multiple winners, all contenting the right combination. This jackpot had 3 winners. Merle and Patricia Butler, received a cheque of the $218.6 million (€202 million). “We are just everyday people who have worked hard all our life…We just happened to hit it big,” Merle said. The second winning ticket was divided among a group of three friends. The 3rd winning ticket remains anonymous.

  1. $1.6 Billion, Powerball 2016

On January 13, 2016, the record-breaking Powerball jackpot was split 3 ways. The $1.6 Billion (€1.4 billion) and takes number1 spot on our biggest jackpots in history list. One winning ticket was sold to John and Lisa Robinson where they opted to take their $528.8 million (€488 million) share of the prize in one lump-sum payment of $327.8 million (€302
million). The second winner was Maureen Smith, a 70-year-old claimed a third of the prize pool. The third winner remains anonymous.

EuroLotto Explores MegaMillions Largest Draws

megamillions largest draws
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What do we know about MegaMillions largest draws? MegaMillions kicked off its journey on August 31, 1996 and had hopes and dreams of becoming the biggest and best lotto in the world, and while that title remains disputed by the other American mammoth lotto, Powerball, MegaMillions has produced some of the biggest prize pools in history.

We take an in-depth look at MegaMillions largest draws over the years. The journey began with the first ever drawing taking place on September 6, 1996, with six states participating: Illinois, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia and Michigan.

The game quickly grew in 1997, and an additional Tuesday (Wednesday CET) drawing was implemented in February 1998. Players were given a bigger pool of numbers and a “cash pay-out” option was introduced in January 1999. In May 1999, New Jersey became the 7th participating member state.

In May 2002, the now established multi-state game was given the new name of “MegaMillions,” Ohio and New York became member states, and prize amounts and the game matrix were changed to offer players bigger jackpots and more excitement play.

In September 2002, the state of Washington became the 10th member, followed by Texas and California, MegaMillions as the country’s most widely played multi-state jackpot game.

On January 31, 2010, an additional 23 state lotteries joined MegaMillions in a historic event that saw a cross-selling agreement between Powerball and MegaMIllions. With even more lotteries joining since then, MegaMillions is now played in forty six jurisdictions.

On March 30, 2012, MegaMillions largest draws made history when the jackpot swelled to $656 million and was then, the largest prize in any jackpot game ever. The prize pool was split three ways. The record stood for almost 4 years until it was eclipsed by a $1.6 Billion Powerball jackpot in January 2016.

MegaMillions made more changes on October 19, 2013, a matrix change sought to create bigger jackpots, second-tier prizes of up to $5 million with the Megaplier feature, and better winning odds.

Below is a list of MegaMillions largest draws

RankAmountDateNumber of
Winning Tickets
States with Winning Tickets
1$656 million30th of March, 20123Kansas, Illinois, Maryland
2$648 million17th of December 20132California, Georgia
3$536 million8th of July 20161Indiana
4$414 million18th of March 20142Florida, Maryland
5$390 million6th of March 20072Georgia, New Jersey
6$380 million4th of January 20112Idaho, Washington
7$336 million28th of August 20092California, New York
8$330 million31st of August 20074Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia
9$326 million4th of November 20141New York
10$319 million25th of March 20111New York


You can play MegaMillions here, pick your lucky numbers and go for the win!

Good luck!

MegaMillions Ticket Worth One Million Dollars Claimed

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A MegaMillions ticket worth $1 million (€987,000) has been claimed. Anthony Burger and Catherine Klemowits of El Lago, Texas are the lucky ticket holders of the prize from the Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 MegaMillions drawing.

The winning MegaMillions numbers from Wednesday, November 16th were 9, 17, 23, 57, and 71 and the Mega Ball number was 6. A Megaplier number of 3. The lucky winner matched all 5 main numbers, but not the Mega Ball number.

The next MegaMillions drawing will be held on Saturday, March 25th The top prize is estimated at $140 million (€130,000,000).

Get Your Winning MegaMillions Ticket

It’s been nearly 2 months since any ticket has won the jackpot in the MegaMillions lotto. The top prize continues to grow. The winning numbers for Tuesday 21st drawing was: 4-45-53-73-75

The jackpot for Saturday’s drawing is an expected $140 million (€130,000,000) with a cash option of $83 million (€76,000,000).

If you would like to take a crack at winning €130,000,000 then you came to the right place. You can buy your MegaMillions ticket here, simply pick your lucky numbers and go for the big win!

Good luck

€180 million MegaMillions Ticket Sold in California Has Been Claimed!

MegaMillions Ticket Sold
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A €180 million MegaMIllions ticket sold in the Golden state of California has been claimed. Jack Freney when he matched all six numbers from the $191 million (€180 million) MegaMillions jackpot draw back on January 27th.

When Freney was asked about what he planned on doing with his newly found windfall he eagerly replied with one simple line: “This will allow me to correct all the wrong that I have incurred in my lifetime.”
Freney told the press that he plans on taking the lump sum pay-out of $114.1 million (€107 million). He bought his winning ticket in Nipton, California. His ticket matched the winning numbers: 61, 53, 54, 17, 37 and Mega number 8.

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve been anxiously waiting to see who won like everyone else. Out here at Primm, we pride ourselves on creating a one-of-a-kind experience and winning a jackpot like this is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience,” said Kerri Matherly, Director of Retail for Primm Valley Lotto Resorts.

Primm Valley Lotto sells the largest volume of Lottery tickets anywhere in the state of California, and is also a big winner as well! They will be receiving a $955,000 €(940,000) retailer bonus just for the MegaMIllions ticket sold.

Freney has declined any further requests for media interviews and he also refused to take a winner’s photo, and wishes that no additional information about him be released.

Will another MegaMillions Ticket Sold win Wednesday’s Jackpot?

The MegaMillions jackpot keeps on growing as no one claimed the $106 million (€100 million) top prize drawing held on Mach 10. That means Wednesday’s draw will have a jackpot of $119 million (€112,000,000) with a cash option of $70 million (€62,000,000).
The MegaMillions numbers for March 10: 26-38-42-58-70 The Gold Mega Ball: 5.

MegaMillions is played in every Wednesday and Saturday at 5:00am CET. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here

How to Play MegaMillions & Everything You Need to Know

how to play megamillions
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How to Play MegaMillions? The American lottery that fans across the world have come to love and adore.

How to play MegaMillions

  • Pick 5 numbers from a pool of 1 to 75 in the upper play area, or use the Quick Puck option to randomly generate your numbers.
  • Pick 1 Mega Ball number from a selection 1 to 15 in the lower play area, or use the Quick Puck option to randomly generate your 1 Mega Ball number.
  • To play the same numbers for more than one draw, select the number of draws you want to play in the Draw drop down, select the duration in the Duration drop down option. Read more information on subscriptions here.
  • Check and re-check your selections carefully. MegaMillions tickets cannot be cancelled or changed after purchase.
  • Apart from your numbers, make sure that the draw date(s), are all correct.
  • Choose how many lines you want to play, add to cart and proceed to checkout.

Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 a.m. CET. Tickets may be purchased until 17.35 p.m., CET on the previous day. Tickets purchased after that time will be for the next drawing.

Jackpots Start at $15 Million!

The MegaMIllions jackpot starts at $15 million (€14 million) while second-tier prize amount is $1 Million (€989,000). Players win the second-tier prize by matching 5 numbers and in total, there are 9 tiers to win from.

Check out MegaMIllions’ Prize pay table below:

how to play megamillions paytable
MegaMillions Pay-table

All of MegaMillions’ prizes are set pay-outs, except for the jackpot prize. The top prize pool will be distributed equally among all winners. The MegaMIllions top prize can either be paid out in 30 annual payments or a lump sum at a reduced amount. If there are no jackpot winners in a drawing, the funds in the jackpot pool roll over to the next drawing.

Part of the know how to play MegaMillions, is to know the deadline for prize claims. Per MegaMillions lottery officials, all prizes must be claimed no later than 180 days after the draw date.

How To Find Out If You’re a Winner

The easiest way is right here on our website. The results of the most recent drawings appear on the MegaMillions results page for results from previous drawings, click here.

You can play MegaMillions by clicking here

Best of luck! 🙂