Eurolotto’s Spotlight: Exotic Cats slot review

Exotic Cats slot review
Exotic Cats slot review

Take a wild journey into the deep jungle and meet Exotic cats slot. Be brave and get your big winnings surrounded by big beasts.

Exotic cats slot is a thrilling new game from Microgaming which offers a fantastic adventure with lions, tigers and panthers! The cats might be exotic but the game is very simple with very good payouts so if you love dangerous cats and jungle, this slot is one to consider.

The slot has 5 reels and 243 paylines and it’s playable with all devices between €0.15 – €30 per spin. Exotic Cats offers also a free spins feature which brings you 10 free spins when you manage to get 3 or more scatters on the reels.

Exotic Cats Free Spins mode
Exotic Cats Free Spins mode

<strong>Bonus Feature: Vertical Wilds feature</strong>
Vertical Wilds feature: – above each reel, you will see an exotic cat. When that cat symbol lands on its matching reel, the entire reel becomes wild. Example if you manage to get a tiger on the tiger reel, the whole reel will become wild and you can potentially get an incredible payouts.

Exotic Cats Slot Wilds

Start you jungle adventure at – get 100% deposit bonus to play with and go for a big win with big cats!

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Tuesday Happy Hour Free Spins
Tuesday Happy Hour Free Spins

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EuroLotto Launches a New Selection of Instant Win Games

Instant win gamezsWhen it comes to online games, whether it is instant win games, or casino slots, EuroLotto proudly brings you the latest game releases, some of the biggest and most popular titles such as Yggdrasil’s Viking’s Go Berzerk, NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest, Microgaming’s Jurassic World ™ among many others.

EuroLotto has recently added a new selection to their huge game library and this time it comes from the relatively new game providers, Gamevy.

It should come as no surprise that Gamevy scratch card games are taking iGaming fans by storm as their unique and innovative themes make you feel as if you’re playing a bingo or lotto game than just your run of the mill scratch card or slot.

We’ve picked a few of their most popular titles, and gone through their features to see what makes these games so unique and fantastically fun!

Boss the Lotto

Boss the Lotto instant win games
Boss the Lotto


Boss the Lotto is an instant win game, and one that will show you “a new side” of lottery. Imagine a lottery game where you are trying to find the balls which did not get picked for the win. That is the basic concept of the game. Boss the Lotto costs anything from €1 to €40 per game, and comes with a top prize worth €100,000 in total.

How to play

You’ll be presented with a screen of 49 differently coloured and numbers balls.  To win, you must pick the numbers which you think will not form a winning line. The more digits you successfully locate, the bigger your wins will be.

Successfully guess six numbers, and you will reach a Cash Out Point within the game. Every guess beyond this point will give you the cash out option.  But careful. should your next guess be one of the blacked-out numbers before you cash out, you will lose your bet and will have to restart.

Boss the Lotto instant win games
Click to play Boss the Lotto

How to Win the Jackpot

If you dream of winning the €100,000 top prize, you’ll need to take your chances and go all the way in this instant win game. The process requires you to correctly select 43 out of the 49 numbers, without missing a single black. Do you have what it takes to guess all the correct numbers and win the jackpot?

Diamond Deal Scratch Card

Diamond Deal instant win games
Diamond Deal

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and anyone else with a knack for big money prizes. Rare, they come with loaded value and always worth playing for, Diamond Deal is the latest scratch card game that has arrived in the world of online scratch cards and it has glistened the world of instant win games with an array sparkling rewards up for grabs.

Diamond Deal invites you to determine your destiny by picking from a selection of closed boxes. Your purpose in this game is to reveal 10 diamonds in a row without decreasing the value of your winnings or losing all your lives.

How to play
To start playing Diamond Deal, you will need to firstly set your bet amount, as there are 6 different betting options, and the more you bet, the higher the jackpot’s value becomes.

The main game looks like the stage of a TV game show where a large grid sits under a stage light. The grid is comprised of fifty blue boxes. You have four lives to begin with, and each time you select an empty box, you lose a life. At the top right of the screen, you can see how much you stand to gain as well as how much your next correct pick is worth.

To pick a box, just hover your mouse over and click the corresponding box. You can also use the ‘Quick Pick’ option at the bottom of the screen to randomly select the boxes for you. Whenever you successfully discover a diamond, you will see the Cash Out option at the bottom of the screen light up. If you wish to discontinue and claim your prize, all you have to do is click the button. You can continue to select boxes to potentially win bigger rewards.

Diamond Deal instant win games
Click to play Diamond Deal

How to Win the Jackpot

Only ten of the fifty boxes have diamonds hiding within. Select an empty box and lose one of your 4 lives. However, you can always restore all 4 of your tries with a successful pick, but be aware, if you select 4 empty boxes in-a-row, you’ll lose all your lives and all of your winnings on Diamond Deal.

Diamond Deal scratch card is one of instant win games that you’d want to play frequently, and with a potential €100,000 top prize at stake, it is well worth your time!

SpinLotto Slot

Among the favourite in instant win games is SpinLotto. If you’ve played lottery before, then by now you must know the drill – you pick numbers, wait for hours, sometimes days till the next draw comes up. If you don’t win, you have to wait for another few days till the next draw. Well the newly released Spinlotto slot game is about to challenge that notion.

This slot feels unique to its kind, the action of selecting your unique set of winning symbols is not a common occurrence in slot games, not to forget that you also have the option of setting your multiplier. The only common slot element in this game is its 3×5 grid, as even its top prize is out of the norm at an insane 250,000 credits, which truth be told, is not so common on a slot machine even at the best of times.

SpinLotto instant win games
Click to play SpinLotto

How to Play

Getting started is easier than it looks, though it would help if you’ve already played a few slot games before. Still, selecting the winning digits is an awesome innovation that gives the game a lottery spirit. As with most lotteries, you must pick five “main” balls and then followed by a bonus number, which in this instance is referred to as the ‘Star Booster’.

With your special selection, you must pick five numbers between 1 and 49. Match at least two numbers and be rewarded with a win. You must also pick a star number from a pool 1 to 15. The best part of this little added extra is that it has 2 very useful features to it: it can add a few extra increments onto your total or it can potentially transform a single match into a huge winning combination.

SpinLotto instant win games
Click to play SpinLotto

How to Win the Jackpot

Spinlotto slot has three huge prize rewards for you to scoop. Each one of them boasts an amount that any player would be happy to take home.

Normal Jackpot – Match any 5 of the winning numbers, even repeated numbers and your star booster for you to bag a x10,000 prize.

Mega Jackpot – You’ll need to guess all winning numbers without any repetition, and of course that star booster number must be guessed. if that happens, then count your lucky stars because an incredible x100,000 credits will be rewarded to your account.

SPINLOTTO Ultra Jackpot – We’ve kept the best for last, and man is it a big one! Get all your balls in ascending order, without any repeats, and alongside the star booster – all in correct order and you will receive a colossal x1,000,000 (That’s right! 1 million times) your bet.

If you’re feeling lucky and up for a few games that could potentially change your life forever, then head down to EuroLotto by clicking here and you might just make yourself instantly rich!

Good luck!

EuroLotto’s Planet of the Apes™ Slot Review

planet of the apes slot

By now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Planet of the apes is one of the most successful title in movie franchises of the last 50 years. Garnering huge fandom and following, it has certainly left its foot print on the world of cinema.

The first film was released in 1968 – based on a 1963 novel – and it resulted in 4 sequels and two television series in the following 5 years, and then, just like that. the Planet of the Apes legacy has all but diminished. Not until a second coming revival of the franchise began in 2001. It produced plenty more of successful blockbusters, including the latest 2017 release; War for the Planet of the Apes.

The successes of the book and the movies attracted plenty of merchandise and media tie-ins, including to the online casino world.

Planet of the Apes™ is the latest blockbuster inspired video slot, is brought to you by NetEnt™.
The game is based on two recent movies – Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The video slot game takes you on a thrilling journey in-between the 2 different chapters of Caesar’s (the Ape Army leader) life.

The slot game features the Rise and Dawn arenas, each phase of the game comes with 20-lines, 5 reels and 3 rows, the Rise and Dawn Free Spins feature, a Dual feature, Stacked Wild feature, Bonus symbols, Scatters, Wild substitutions and the Rise and Dawn Bonus features. With its two different phases, the slot game combines components from both movies with the thrill of slot game play experience – and the result? A truly unique experience and a fantastic addition to the Planet of the Apes franchise.

The Planet of the Apes™ themed reels and background, along with the heart-thumping features, all contribute to create a slot with a strong connection to the movies. Add to this, the Rise and the Dawn Free Spins features, and include actual movie footage from the two Planet of the Apes movies to the slot, and the build-up the game creates is truly a brilliant experience. The classic graphics, with ape and human symbols, lets you view the movie characters from a new dimension. Couple this with its authentic voices, sounds and animations – it all combines perfectly to create a truly unique gaming experience for players.

Planet of the Apes™ Dual Feature

planet of the apes slot

The Dual Feature in the planet of the Apes slot activates randomly on any spin. Once the feature is activated, one icon is chosen for each game area with the corresponding symbol unable to be picked for both game areas and Scatter and Wild symbols also unable to be picked.

The reels only contain 2 of these icons, the rest of the reels are empty. If a symbol lands in its matching game area when the reels stop, it comes a sticky symbol, if it lands in the other game area, it moves over to the correct game area into the matching position.

If at least one new symbol lands in its matching game area, it will trigger a re-spin which won’t stop until now new symbols land on a re-spin.

 Planet of the Apes™ Bonus Features
The game is unique as in it offers dual reels, and each reel has its own game features and Free Spins with a particular game twist.

The Rise Area
The Rise feature is an extra coin win that is given for every ape and human symbol displayed on the screen except for the Scatter. This feature only appears on the Rise game area.

Rise Free Spins: During the Rise Free Spins feature only the Rise game area will be active.  The number of Wilds that land with every spin are grouped-in on a “Wild meter”. Each Wild that lands on the reels will add to the Wild meter by a factor of 1. On the final spin, and after the reels stop spinning – all collected Wilds will be randomly scattered on the game area and, once this feature is finished, the game win will then be evaluated.

Planet of the Apes™ Dawn Feature
The Dawn Bonus feature transforms ape and human symbols into the same symbol and only appears in the Dawn play area.

Dawn Free Spins: During the feature only the Dawn game area is active with three different collect symbols that are activated with a corresponding meter: Multiplier, Extra Free Spins and Extra Wild..

When a collect symbol appears, it fills the corresponding meter by 1. When the meter is full, a new feature is activated, with each meter requiring 3 symbols to fill up.

The Extra Free Spins meter awards 3 extra Free Spins every time it is filled.

The player starts the Dawn Free Spins with multiplier 1. Each time the Multiplier meter is filled the multiplier is increased by 1, until the  multiplier 5x is achieved.

The current Wild/Multiplier symbol will be achieved on the main game. The Extra Wild meter turns one of the human symbols into an Extra Wild symbol every time it is filled for the remainder of the Free Spins.

Final Verdict on Planet of the Apes slot

It’s lights, camera, action time with NetEnt’s Planet of the Apes slot game – Caesar is home! Planet of the Apes™ looks like a really entertaining and suspenseful slot. You can play the amazing new slot game here.

Good luck!

Play Starburst Slot & Review

play starburst slot
Click to play starburst slot

Starburst is a Net Entertainment slot powerhouse like no other. With a very successful arcade feel to it, the slot is entirely based on Starburst Wilds. The wild symbols appear on the three middle reels only and expand to give players up to 3 re-spins. With around €50,000 to be scooped, Starburst is a slot where astronomical wins are commonplace. It’s fast paced and mesmerizing and is one of the most popular slots to date.

Starburst is based on 5 reels and 10 paylines, the slot mixes neon lit colours with an arcade theme back-drop. It’s fast paced and prize packed.

Visually, the slot game is truly beautiful. Brilliantly lit jewels prance around on display. It has a trance-like soundtrack give it a cosmic feel to it. Starburst doesn’t have a Free Spins feature but players can win from both ways. It also has an expanding wild which will leave players in awe. When the expanding wilds appear on either of the 3 middle reels, they’ll expand and fill your reel and remain for up to 3 re-spins. When this feature kicks in, the possibility for big wins are astronomical!

Known as the Starburst Wild feature –  Wilds will expand on reels 2, 3 and 4 over the entire reel. Reels 1 and 5 will re-spin. If a new Starburst wild appears during the re-spin, it expands and holds in place together with previously expanding Starburst wilds for yet another re-spin. The feature only ends when no new Starburst Wilds appear during a re-spin.

If you manage to get 3 expanding Starburst Wilds, you can win pretty big – there’s up to £50,000 on offer! Most of the wins will come in the base game though as the screen lights up for win presentations with various combinations. It’s a unique game in that sense and I’ve managed to win 300 times my stake on a few occasions now. The fact it’s so different and the possibility for huge wins is what makes Starburst one of the most played slots online.

Play Starburst Slot & Win

If you want to play and win astronomical prizes, then head down to EuroLotto to play Starburst slot, and if you’re a new player, we will match your first deposit euro for euro, with our 100% bonus right up to €100!

Good luck!

Play Vikings Go Berzerk & Vikings Go Wild

Vikings go berzerk

Follow ups always have a tough time in achieving greatness, I mean, how do you improve on something that’s close to perfect?  And whilst some follow up acts do succeed, for every Godfather II there’s a Grease 2 waiting to bomb on expectations.

So when iGaming giant Yggdrasil revealed their intentions to do a follow up of their outstanding Vikings Go Wild slot, we were a little worried.. at first.

Will Yggdrasil use the same graphics to lure unsuspecting casino players into a completely new slot machine? Or will they go the extra mile and improve on the original and what is already a brilliant game? Let’s find out shall we.

What you need to know about the Vikings Go Berzerk slot

Yggdrasil Gaming have rarely disappointed., and as always, slot players were impressed. Whilst we don’t see any Vikings go raping and pillaging, instead they’re off to another raging sea adventure, and this time they’re being seduced by a horde of sirens. The game is a little darker in tone, if in Vikings Go Wild you had a troupe of fresh faced warriors searching for treasures and glory, these Vikings Go Berzerk Norsemen are richer, older, and a little… angrier?  It must have been all the years of adventuring that can turn any man into a murderous berserker. Who’d have thought it?

Vikings Go Berzerk keeps all the best features of the Vikings Go Wild slot game

There is no doubt that Vikings Go Berzerk is a recognisable follow up to one of the Vikings Go Wild slot. The game is based on a 5×4 set of reels, 25 pay-lines, all set on a gorgeous Viking long ship at sea. Some of the Vikings symbols also remain the same as from the original slot. There are a few new faces in the new slot, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise, sea-fearing is a treacherous job after all.

Vikings Go Wild and Berzerk for even crazier wins

The biggest attraction of the original slot was that during the free spins mode, each Viking symbol that showed up on the main base game, would battle the sea snake, and if the character won, they Viking symbol would turn a Wild. The Vikings Go Berzerk slot keeps the exact same feature, only this time, our heroes are fighting sirens instead.

Whilst before the chance of getting a bunch of wilds on reels was difficult, they’ve gone ahead and increased the odds.

wait for the end of days or Fill up the rage meter

Every time players score a win with the Viking symbols, trigger the free spins in the base game, that Viking’s ‘rage meter’ will start filling up. Once the rage meter is full, players will receive seven free spins, and watch that Viking go Berzerk – also known as always defeating the siren, and always turning wild. Alternatively, players can trigger the free spins using 3 scatter symbols, to beat the Ragnarök feature.

in the Ragnarök feature, every Viking has turned  Berkzerk, and every single Viking symbol turns into wild during the free spins mode. Players that unlock the bonus feature will pretty much guarantee a screen full of wilds by the end of the bonus games.

Vikings Go Berzerk game feels like an improvement to Vikings Go Wild

If you’re a fan of the original, then we are sure that you’ll love playing Vikings Go Berzerk. The game keeps all the brilliant features that made Vikings Go Wild a successful hit and adds more excitement and even bigger wins. Head down to EuroLotto and play Vikings Go Berzerk or if you prefer the original, Vikings Go Wild, either way we guarantee you an amazing time full of riches and wins!

Why Do Some EuroMillions Players Win More Than Others?

EuroMillions playersEuroMillions players from across the continent have dreams of picking the next winning combination and spending their cash on everything they have ever wanted, but some might argue that top prize winners are more likely to come from certain countries than others. Some EuroMillions players might have even wondered if they’d have more chance of winning the jackpot if they lived in a particular country? We investigate.

EuroMillions Tickets

All participating countries produced winners, but it is hard to deny that some have fared better than others. France leads with 84 jackpot winners, and just ahead of Spain on 82, while Luxembourg, one of the later participating countries, has had just 2 top prize winners.

Number of Players

If you think about it, some of the countries have a much bigger population than others, with bigger participating EuroMillions players. Therefore, it makes sense that more tickets are sold in certain countries. In France alone, for example, there are 65 million people living, compared that of 580,000 living in Luxembourg, so it is normal to expect the nation with the larger number will have more EuroMillions players entering draws and therefore much better odds of winning the top prizes.

Early Starters

At the launch of the EuroMillions game, tickets only went on sale in the UK, France and Spain. Fast forward to eight months later and the other six countries entered the game, Spain, France and the UK have had eight months’ head start to create jackpot winners, and those nations remain the three most jackpot producing countries to this day.

Additional Entries

Certain countries such as Portugal, offer tickets where it is possible to pick more than the five main numbers and two Lucky Stars. EuroMillions players then pay for every additional combination. These entries naturally increase your odds of winning and the main reason why Portugal has had nearly as many top prize winners as the United Kingdom despite having a smaller population.

Random Variation

Each EuroMillions draw is completely random. There is no guarantee that the number of winners produced by one country will correlate precisely to the number of participants from each nation. Just like if you would toss a coin a hundred times, it may not result in 50 heads and 50 tails, where the jackpot winner comes from is entirely down to chance.

EuroMillions Players Odds Remain the Same

While you might wonder if you are residing in an unlucky country, the important thing to remember is that the odds of any ticket winning the top prize are the same, whether you are playing from the UK, Sweden or France.  If you taking on the next big jackpot, you can pick your lucky digits here and play.

Good Luck!

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Review

Gonzo’s Quest slot Gonzo’s Quest slot features 5 reels and 20 pay-lines and is brought to you by NetEnt, packed with fantastic sounds and images, where players are transported into an ancient jungle full of hidden treasures. The slot game is available on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Gonzo himself is well animated. Constantly jumping up and down and moon-walking across the screen, giving players a beautifully well themed experience in both what’s going on in the background and In the reels and the spins.

The Reels Come Tumbling Down

Contrary to popular belief, the game-play is very simple, no matter how players choose to play. the video slot does not host a large list of features and complicated mini-games, but genuinely nice and clean graphics which does not necessarily mean complicated game-play. In fact, the game plays host to two simple features, avalanche mode and free spins mode.

The tumbling reels, or avalanche mode particularly stands out, with colliding, tumbling rocks and continuously increasing multipliers that will keep players well absorbed in the game. The frequency of the free spins is sacrificed but is more than made up by extra symbols players will get via the avalanche feature. When the free spins does get triggered however, this is where players will get their biggest wins in Gonzo’s Quest slot with a maximum jackpot of €93,750 if they manage to hit that 15x multiplier knockout spin.

Gonzo’s Quest slot
Gonzo’s Quest Slot -Avalanche Feature

It’s Not All About the Big Wins!

Players shouldn’t expect to hit big amounts with this slot. One of the reasons why Gonzo’s Quest slot has become so popular is because this game combines the avalanche feature with the simplicity of its game-play well, to keep players entertained, complimented by beautiful and enticing graphics, an animated Gonzo and small, consistent pay-outs. The RTP rate is an average 96%, but players get hits as many as 41% of the time. Gonzo’s Quest slot is quite simply here to entertain and entice players with the avalanche feature.

Gonzo's Quest Slot
Gonzo’s Quest Slot – Free Spins Feature

Are You Seeking For Both Entertainment and Consistent Wins? Look No Further! Gonzo’s Quest Slot is Here.

Players who seek entertainment get it with the constant small wins to keep playing, yet deep in their hearts they’ll watch those ever-increasing multipliers slowly go from x2 to x3, x5… and maybe even x15 and if you’re like Gonzo, you’re ready for some action and enough wins to take you on endless adventures, then Play Gonzo’s Quest Slot now and win!

Good Luck!

EuroLotto’s Empire Fortune Slot Review

Empire Fortune Slot Review

Empire Fortune is a progressive jackpot slot, produced by gaming elite Yggdrasil, consisting of 10 pay-lines and 5 reels. With a luxurious setting. Empire fortune boasts a massive Free Spins feature where you can trigger up to 30 free spins with as many as 10x multiplier. The Jackpot Wheel feature allows you to spin the wheel to win mystery rewards and cash prizes up to x500 your bet, access to the Fireworks feature and Free Spins feature. The Fireworks feature presents you with twelve rockets which fire onto the jackpot wheel for even bigger wins, including three progressive jackpots!

Empire Fortune is a 10 pay-lines, 5 reels’ progressive jackpot slot. It can be played at EuroLotto from €0.20 to €200 per spin across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. There are four bonus features in total with three progressive jackpots for the taking.

empire fortune
Empire Fortune Slot

The theme is as luxurious as it is opulent – the reels are adorned with precious gemstones and jewels set in a gold littered room, the animation and graphics are fantastic making you feel like you’re royalty.

Empire Fortune brings you four bonus features. The Free Spins feature is triggered when you get three or more free spins symbols anywhere on the reels – Three free spins symbols will give you 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier, four will trigger 20 free spins with 4x multiplier and five will reward you with thirty free spins with a 10x multiplier.

Get 2 free spins icons (or 2 bonus icons) in a main game spin, and you can choose to pay three times your stake to hold them in place for another spin. This feature is known as the “Hold feature”, this feature gives you another chance of triggering the feature.

Empire Fortune Free Spins
Empire Fortune Free Spins

If you get three or more Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels, you will unlock the Jackpot Wheel feature – a multi-tiered golden cake will appear, with a huge ruby at the top. lavished with gold coins, you need to spin the wheel to win:

Cash prizes include:
4 and 250 times your stake
between 2 and 50 times your stake with a re-spin
10 to 30 free spins with a multiplier between 2 and 10x
Mystery win prizes between 25 and 500 times your stake

Access to the Fireworks feature

The Fireworks feature fires 3, 6 or 12 rockets up onto the jackpot wheel awarding you with prizes wherever they land.  The rocket could potentially hit any of the huge 3 progressive jackpots.

Empire Fortune slot
Empire Fortune Slot

€3,000,000 Empire Fortune Jackpot

There are millions of more reasons to play Empire Fortune! Three million, to be exact, as Yggdrasil’s Empire Fortune progressive jackpot slot has breached the expected fallout value of €3,000,000! This means that the big prize is there for the taking, the fortune is ripe and ready to be plucked.

You can win up to 1,300 times your stake which will come due to the 10x multiplier.

We’re rooting for you to break the bank and bring the jackpot home, because when Empire Fortune’s jackpot drops, it will be the biggest ever win in any Yggdrasil game!


Bugs Party & Flying Pigs Video Bingo

Flying Pigs Video bngo Slot

Experience the thrill of playing our new video bingo games at EuroLotto and discover what makes Flying Pigs and Bugs Party video bingo slots so different from anything you’ve played before – It’s fun, easy and the pay-outs are potentially huge!

How do you Play?
Flying Pigs and Bugs Party Video Bingo Slots work similarly to normal bingo but with a few exciting differences. You can play up to four bingo cards, and clicking on the “play” button, will result in 30 numbered bingo balls to be revealed. The bingo balls correspond to the numbers on the cards, and just like in slot games, if a winning pattern is revealed then you win!

Video Bingo Card
Video Bingo Card









Both Flying Pigs and Bugs Party video bingo offer an exciting array of patterns that you can complete in order to win, some of which will get you into a bonus round that promise potentially huge wins. Add in the option to buy extra balls to make even bigger wins, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a fun and exciting game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Flying Pigs Video Bingo

Join the Flying Pigs in the farm and play up to 4 bingo cards which have 15 randomly generated numbers during each game. 30 balls are then randomly drawn to determine winning lines. Flying Pigs’ special feature includes being able to play up to 12 extra balls, triggered when you are one number away from a winning combination.
Match the square or rails pattern to trigger the bonus game feature and win up to x625 your total bet!

Flying Pigs Video Bingo
Flying Pigs Video Bingo

Bugs Party Video Bingo

If you’re looking for a real buzz, then Bugs Party is the game for you! Set on similar gameplay mechanics as Flying Pigs, with a different theme. Make a beeline for Bugs Party and avoid the hungry frog at all costs. Delicious jam jars allow you to get more balls in each round, while the bonus round can earn you potentially huge winnings!

Bugs Party Video Bingo
Bugs Party Video Bingo







Patterns Explained
Each pattern on Flying Pigs and Bugs Party have their very own prize probability. This can range anywhere from x3 to x1500 your wager value. Pattern names on this game Square, TT, Rails, Hat, Double line 3, Double Line 2, Double Line 1, Pyramid Inverse, Flag Eye, Pyramid, V, Inverted V, Cross, Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 and Bingo. are Bingo. Players will also notice that the prize probability changes during the Extra Ball feature. The Price goes up when players have more bingo cards in play.

Flying Pigs Video Bingo

Play Video Bingo At EuroLotto

Now that you’ve become an expert in video bingo, why dont you give Flying Pigs and Bugs Party a try?