EuroLotto’s Planet of the Apes™ Slot Review

planet of the apes slot

By now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Planet of the apes is one of the most successful title in movie franchises of the last 50 years. Garnering huge fandom and following, it has certainly left its foot print on the world of cinema.

The first film was released in 1968 – based on a 1963 novel – and it resulted in 4 sequels and two television series in the following 5 years, and then, just like that. the Planet of the Apes legacy has all but diminished. Not until a second coming revival of the franchise began in 2001. It produced plenty more of successful blockbusters, including the latest 2017 release; War for the Planet of the Apes.

The successes of the book and the movies attracted plenty of merchandise and media tie-ins, including to the online casino world.

Planet of the Apes™ is the latest blockbuster inspired video slot, is brought to you by NetEnt™.
The game is based on two recent movies – Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The video slot game takes you on a thrilling journey in-between the 2 different chapters of Caesar’s (the Ape Army leader) life.

The slot game features the Rise and Dawn arenas, each phase of the game comes with 20-lines, 5 reels and 3 rows, the Rise and Dawn Free Spins feature, a Dual feature, Stacked Wild feature, Bonus symbols, Scatters, Wild substitutions and the Rise and Dawn Bonus features. With its two different phases, the slot game combines components from both movies with the thrill of slot game play experience – and the result? A truly unique experience and a fantastic addition to the Planet of the Apes franchise.

The Planet of the Apes™ themed reels and background, along with the heart-thumping features, all contribute to create a slot with a strong connection to the movies. Add to this, the Rise and the Dawn Free Spins features, and include actual movie footage from the two Planet of the Apes movies to the slot, and the build-up the game creates is truly a brilliant experience. The classic graphics, with ape and human symbols, lets you view the movie characters from a new dimension. Couple this with its authentic voices, sounds and animations – it all combines perfectly to create a truly unique gaming experience for players.

Planet of the Apes™ Dual Feature

planet of the apes slot

The Dual Feature in the planet of the Apes slot activates randomly on any spin. Once the feature is activated, one icon is chosen for each game area with the corresponding symbol unable to be picked for both game areas and Scatter and Wild symbols also unable to be picked.

The reels only contain 2 of these icons, the rest of the reels are empty. If a symbol lands in its matching game area when the reels stop, it comes a sticky symbol, if it lands in the other game area, it moves over to the correct game area into the matching position.

If at least one new symbol lands in its matching game area, it will trigger a re-spin which won’t stop until now new symbols land on a re-spin.

 Planet of the Apes™ Bonus Features
The game is unique as in it offers dual reels, and each reel has its own game features and Free Spins with a particular game twist.

The Rise Area
The Rise feature is an extra coin win that is given for every ape and human symbol displayed on the screen except for the Scatter. This feature only appears on the Rise game area.

Rise Free Spins: During the Rise Free Spins feature only the Rise game area will be active.  The number of Wilds that land with every spin are grouped-in on a “Wild meter”. Each Wild that lands on the reels will add to the Wild meter by a factor of 1. On the final spin, and after the reels stop spinning – all collected Wilds will be randomly scattered on the game area and, once this feature is finished, the game win will then be evaluated.

Planet of the Apes™ Dawn Feature
The Dawn Bonus feature transforms ape and human symbols into the same symbol and only appears in the Dawn play area.

Dawn Free Spins: During the feature only the Dawn game area is active with three different collect symbols that are activated with a corresponding meter: Multiplier, Extra Free Spins and Extra Wild..

When a collect symbol appears, it fills the corresponding meter by 1. When the meter is full, a new feature is activated, with each meter requiring 3 symbols to fill up.

The Extra Free Spins meter awards 3 extra Free Spins every time it is filled.

The player starts the Dawn Free Spins with multiplier 1. Each time the Multiplier meter is filled the multiplier is increased by 1, until the  multiplier 5x is achieved.

The current Wild/Multiplier symbol will be achieved on the main game. The Extra Wild meter turns one of the human symbols into an Extra Wild symbol every time it is filled for the remainder of the Free Spins.

Final Verdict on Planet of the Apes slot

It’s lights, camera, action time with NetEnt’s Planet of the Apes slot game – Caesar is home! Planet of the Apes™ looks like a really entertaining and suspenseful slot. You can play the amazing new slot game here.

Good luck!