Powerball Rollover Stands at €231Million.

EuroMillions rich lifestyle

Powerball ’s jackpot sits on a titanic €231 million jackpot and we can’t but help wonder what would you do with that kind of money? Take early retirement? Buy a private island? Or would you just turn the weekend into a lifetime of weekends?

The jackpot stands at €231 million after there were no winners in Saturday’s drawing. Because there were no jackpot winning tickets, that means the drawing on Wednesday, July 6 will be worth €231 million.
The winning Powerball Numbers (white) for July 2nd were: 10-34-39-59-63.

The Red Powerball Power Number was: 4
The Power Play Number was: 2

Three players matched all 5 white numbers to win €897,000 each, however two of those players also played the Power Play option, increasing their winnings to €1.5 million.

Overall, there were just over 1 million winners in the drawing, who won at least €3 each.

Take A Shot At The Big Powerball Number!

Ah! Can’t you just picture it? The freedom? The independence? Being filthy rich with a “money no problem” attitude in life?

All of your dreams can come true this coming Thursday. Pick you self a set of lucky numbers, get a few lucky tickets and go for the win!